Being pregnant and building yourself for up for labour and birth can be a very daunting time in your life.

BM Birth Buddies are here to help! They are affirmation cards designed to ins-till positivity and change your mind set about having a baby.  They train your mind to empower you and give you strength to know that you can handle this special journey in your life - having a baby!

BM Birth Buddies are 23 beautiful colourful affirmation cards.  Each card has a unique message for you to read on a daily basis.  They come in a cute clear box that is easily carried wherever you go.  


Place in your handbag, in your home, in the office.  Use regularly to give yourself a positive boost in pregnancy and for preparing you for birth.

Use the cards during birth to maintain your positivity yourself or get your birth partner to read them to you to have a constant supply of encouragement throughout.

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