"I was feeling a bit anxious on the run-up to our baby’s birth given all the horror birth stories you sometimes hear from people around you.
My husband and I signed up to the course with Beverley. We couldn’t have made a better choice. The course was super informative. However, I think the icing on the cake was how it was delivered. Beverly has a very soothing voice and pleasant manner that makes you feel relaxed and in control. I ended up with an emergency cesarean which was not part of my birth plan, but what I learned in the course helped me stay relaxed before, during and after the birth. We totally recommend it!"



"I had to convince my partner to take the course with me, because initially he didn't even want to go into the delivery suite with me. As a first time mum during a pandemic I was very anxious at times and Beverley's advice and hypnobirthing techniques helped me so much to relax and become more confident. We learned a lot and the information provided was really useful. The actual birth was an incredible experience and everybody referred to us as a text book birth. We were very relaxed throughout the entire delivery. My partner became Beverley's greatest advocate, he went from not wanting to be at the birth to telling everybody about the incredible benefits of hypnobirthing. Thank you so much, you have made this experience truly unforgettable and better than we could have ever imagined." 😍😍😍 Eva


"Thanks so much to Beverley for her great advice and guidance throughout my pregnancy - with regards to hypnobirthing and reflexology sessions. 
I wasn't even sure I was actually in labour when I arrived at the hospital and the staff were more surprised than I was to see I was 5cm already! The hypnobirthing skills we learned were so useful throughout the whole pregnancy and labour journey. As well as this, the reflexology sessions helped greatly throughout my pregnancy - especially with regards to hip and pelvic pain relief, general wellbeing & help sleeping!"

Cara O'Rourke


"Cannot recommend highly enough. Beverley’s hypnobirthing classes had me fully prepared for whatever labour threw at me. I felt relaxed about labour and the birthing techniques enabled me to remain calm and in control of my labour, confident that my body knew exactly what to do to birth my baby. The classes also helped my husband prepare for labour and ensured he was a great support to me throughout. Thank you Beverley, it’s down to the tools I learnt in your classes that I had the best birth for me on the day, even the midwives remarked on how calm I was. Thanks again for your support!"

Linda Houston


"I can’t praise Beverly enough, she’s such a friendly but very professional lady. My journey started when we discover we were expecting twins I’ve always had a passion for natural labours in fact my eldest son was a water birth and my second child a girl was a natural delivery. When I discover we were expecting twins we were over the moon! I knew it was such a special gift so I wanted to make it an extra special occasion; I decided I would like to have my twins naturally and that’s when hipnobirthing and Beverly’s amazing technics came into to our lives. I was a bit concerned about the lack of support there’s out there for mums carrying multiples that want to experience a natural vaginal birth without the use of pain relief(epidural). I was determined to follow my instincts, I knew I wanted a calm and in control delivery, everyone thought I was crazy! But not Beverly she was such a great support! My husband was scared too. I wanted him to be supportive I didn’t want to see that same face of helplessness I’d seen the last time I didn’t want him to feel like a spare part watching on while I was puffing and pushing my babies out. I wanted a different experience altogether to my previous Two births. We both new this was our last chance to a very especial experience and we were going to embrace it. Beverly was so great meeting our every needs, reassuring me and my very sceptical hubby who thought hypnobirthing was just not possible. We followed every suggestions we embrace the classes and the book.the MP3’s became part of my daily routine and I practised with every tool given to us. On the day of my delivery I can proudly say “we achieved our perfect hypnobirthing experience, I say “we“ because there was 3 of us in that delivery suit; the husband and myself and Beverly who although wasn’t there physically was definitely there in my mind reminding me that my body was designed to birthing my babies. I reached 10 cms without a sound I was so focus and relaxed time flew by, I gave birth to my two beautiful girls Elisa and Amelia by vaginal natural birth I didn’t need any pain relief with Amelia, I delivered my second twin with the help of Gas and air Elisa was a breached vaginal delivery. I didn’t have a single tear of stitch I firmly believe this was due to how relaxed I was so my body was too. I can not put into words how special and the impact this lady had in our lives and our babies lives. We all enjoyed the classes there was always a laugh and a very welcoming and relaxed atmosphere .not matter what,I always came out of my class feeling empowered. So if u ask me I would recommend Beverly and hypnobirthing 100% this lady was an amazing help and guide full of knowledge and so very kind. A lovely lady who loves and believes in her work. Dear Beverly thank you so much for everything,you will always have a very special place in our hearts because without you our birthing experience wouldn’t been such a special one!!! Xx Carolina"


"Beverley's classes are great for any new parents. The skills you gain through her classes will help you through pregnancy, birth, parenthood and everyday life. 
Her classes are really informative and practical and can be tailored especially to your individual needs. They are held in a calm and comfortable environment.
Also her pregnancy reflexology is a must for any mums to be!" Roisin x

September 2018



"I would highly recommend Beverley if you wish to learn more about hypnobirthing and work towards a natural, calm and ‘non medicalised’ birthing experience. 
She is very friendly, down to earth and really knows how to put people at ease. She was also very flexible and worked with us to organise dates and times that suited us. 
With Beverley’s input we were able to have a natural birth, at home, without the use of any drugs or medical intervention."

Rosy sep 2018


Just want to say thankgod to Beverley Mulholland for taking me and my husband for one of her intense Hypnobirthing courses. I was dreading my second labour as my first had not gone to plan.i managed to do the full labour and ended up with an emergency section.By doing this course it helped me get a natural labour that I wanted. Beverley taught me different breathing techniques,a range of different positions during labour,positive affirmations,alternative messages for my husband to do on me throughout labour.the cd beverely provide me with was brilliant to calm and relax me towards the end of my pregnancy (especially with sleep)the Hypnosis part definitely kept me more focused and determined throughout the end of labour:-) thanks again would definitely recommend doing one especially if uve had a section first time and want to go natural
Second time (vbac) miss Leah mcgee is also very content since she arrived and is sleeping brilliantly compared to my wee boy.personally I think this is a lot to do with her having no trauma or distress during labour :-)    Bernadette, Oct 2017


Beverly I just want to thank you so much as I am just buzzing following the birth of my wee man Ollie. Hypnobirthing really works!! Compared to my first delivery an epidural at 4 cms to going into hospital at 8 cms. The reason I done hypno birthing was to help me stay as calm during my labour as I am quite an anxious person and as a junior midwife I am very homed in on detecting when things are going wrong in labour. But Beverly taught me well and with the excellent help from Alan and my brilliant midwives in Daisy Hill Hospital I did stay calm and relaxed. Even though my baby poo'd meconium and his heart rate started to go up showing signs of distress I stayed in control and birthed my wee baby (8lbs 5oz actually not that wee a baby) on gas and air and he was born face to pubes, back to back (rascal). Just so happy and delighted with my birth experience and fully recommend hypnobirthing with Beverly for all pregnant women Carrieann & Alan xo



"I can't recommend hypnobirthing with Beverly enough, such an amazing experience throughout pregnancy, during labour and even afterwards for both me and baby. Beverly's hypnobirthing techniques calms any nerves or anxious thoughts you may have regarding having your baby, along with keeping you relaxed during pregnancy & during labour. I didn't even realise I was in labour till I went to hospital to get checked and was told to my surprise I was 8cms dilated I didn't need any gas or air until last 3 contractions and even at that that was just in case it would get painful as it wasn't like the contractions I'd had with previous pregnancies, the whole time I felt in control of the labour and my own body it was such an amazing experience and even a week after I've felt amazing not exhausted at all with a very chilled out baby and the baby is now still enjoying the benefits of hypnobirthing with the cd from Beverly and sleeping fantastic at night, I would strongly recommend any expectant mummy to take the hypnobirthing journey you won't regret it xx"




"Like any first time mother I was apprehensive and nervous about childbirth. I found that Beverley and the hypnobirthing classes calmed my fears and allowed me to have the relaxed and natural birth that I had wanted. I loved the fact my husband was involved and the classes helped give him a role and purpose during the birth, which served to keep me focused and relaxed. The visualisation and breathing strategies were really helpful. Our son Harry has been chilled out from the start and is truly a 'hypnobaby'. Thanks Beverley!"




"I cannot recommend Beverleys hypnobirthing course enough. Every single pregnant couple should take this course, it is worth every last penny! Not only will Beverley give you the knowledge you need to confidently face birthing your baby, but the extra support she will give you throughout your pregnancy far surpassed anything I ever expected when I first decided to do the course. My birthing journey was slightly less straight forward than the average and I can honestly say if it wasn't for Beverleys constant advice and support I would not have managed to push for the care and birth I so wanted. This ladies knowledge and genuine care in our birth journey is something I could not put a price on. The tools she taught me and my hubby will withstand us throughout our lives and I've even taught some of them to my 2 young kids lol So if you've went as far as looking at this page and reading the reviews then just pick up the phone and get booked in, it will be the best decision you will make for you, your baby and your partner in your whole pregnancy! Happy hypnobirthing" Ciara




"As my pregnancy progressed my anxieties about the birth heightened. I knew I needed to find something to combat my fears so I could enjoy my pregnancy and the birth of our baby. My friend told me about BM Hypnobirthing and I was very intrigued. I did some reading on hypnobirthing and decided to contact Beverly. After speaking to her I knew it was what I needed and immediately booked a private course. 

At my 34 weeks scan I found out our baby was breech. Beverley was extremely supportive during this time and helped me a lot. Despite my best efforts my baby didn't turn and I declined an ECV so I was booked in for c-section. Obviously this was very disappointing for me but I remained positive and Beverley tailored the hypnobirthing so I could use it for my c-section. I used it both during and after my c-section to cope with pain and it found it to be excellent and I definitely feel it helped my recovery.

I really cannot recommend Beverley highly enough, I know I couldn't have done it without her." Sinead 



"My husband and I cannot recommend Hypnobirthing classes with Beverley enough. At the start of our course I was terrified of birth and desperately wanted a Caesarean section so I could avoid it. Beverley's teaching gave me such an amazing understand of what birth is REALLY like, what your body is capable of and how your partner can join you in the birth process that in the end I opted for an all natural birth - an impossible thought before classes. I used all of the techniques that Beverley taught me during each stage of the birth and my husband stepped into the role she had prepared him for with total confidence, the result was a short, uncomplicated, all natural birth that focused on growing our family and loving our baby instead of fear and pain. It was better than anyone (even our consultant) could have imagined. Beverley achieved the impossible with me and my birth and for that I will be forever grateful. Hypnobirthing will change the way you meet your baby, putting calmness, confidence and excitement at the very centre of birth. Thank you Beverley!" Gra & Colin





"I found the Hypnobirthing course a great help to me & my husband in preparing for the birth our first baby. Beverley provided great support to us. The breathing techniques were a great help & can also be used in everyday life to help you remain relaxed and calm. Hypnobirthing will be something that we alway will have & would highly recommend it."

Aileen & Declan





"When I found out I was pregnant with my third baby, I quickly became excited and anxious about the birth. my first two births where straight forward normal deliveries, but during both pregnancies I buried my head in the sand and listened to every horror story about labour, which didn't help, but this time I wanted a different experience. After reading a few articles online about hypnobirthing I became interested and contacted Beverley who immediately made me feel excited about the course. When I was 25 weeks pregnant my husband and I started the hypnobirthing course, every class was calm and relaxing, we practised the techniques Beverley was teaching us and began using them everyday, we wondered how it would all piece together and became excited about the birth! on 25th of February I began to feel some irregular surges and having the confidence from the hypnobirthing course, I listened to my body and went to the hospital where I breathed and relaxed my way through each surge and we calmly birthed our baby boy at 6.26pm. With the help of my husband I remained calm and in control throughout, we had an amazing experience and I feel privileged that we had such a wonderful birth. Beverley prepared us for our birth and taught us the skills needed for when the birth began, allowing me to feel happy, relaxed, calm and in control through each surge. Our birthing experience has left me feeling strong, confident and knowing I can now do anything, and I thank Beverley for helping us!!"

Sarah and Vasil





"I had my beautiful little girl in Oct after my husband and I attended Beverley's hypnobirthing class. After an 'interesting' birth with my first child I had developed a lot of fear and anxiety relating to labour and the birth itself. The hypnobirthing class gave me the knowledge, confidence and practical techniques I needed to overcome these feelings and be positive and excited about having our second child. Beverley was lovely to work with and always encouraging and caring. Throughout the labour and birth I felt in control and relaxed with no fear or panic. My husband also felt much more in control and confident as he had tangible and practical techniques to use and it felt much more like a team effort, he was the most amazing support to me! I have continued to use some of the relaxation and visualisation techniques we practiced since the birth and they have still proved invaluable in times of stress with a new baby.! I would highly recommend the hypnobirthing course. Thanks Beverley for sharing this with us and I wish you lots of success in the future."

Kerry & Dwayne




"Wonderful experience using Hypnobirthing for the birth of my first baby..can honestly say it worked wonders and helped give me the natural birth I had wanted with no pain relief. Hypnobirthing is definitely the future".

Seannine & Liam




"Had our lovely baby Lily on 5th Nov in the MLU at Daisy Hill, Newry. I had irregular surges(contractions) from 5pm on the 4th Nov and having been induced with my first baby I was unsure if i was actually in labour. My partner Brian and I used the massage techniques and breathing exercises taught by Beverley during this early stage of labour to manage pain and anxiety. My waters broke at 22.30 and we spent just 4 hours in hospital before Lily was born. The labour progressed very quickly and when first examined I was already 7cm.
Brian and I kept calm throughout the birth. Brian helped keep me focused and I utilised the relaxation methods from hypnobirthing to help manage the whole process. I remained mobile throughout the birth, and managed without any pain relief until 2400 hours; when I used just gas

and air. Lily was born at 2.59am without any complications. Lily was 9lb and I didn't need a single stitch.  I was up out of bed feeling great walking around the room an hour after the birth. Lily is/has been a very calm baby from birth and we believe this is due to her calm and gentle birth.
We cannot thank Beverley enough. We would/will recommend BM hypnobirthing to other expectant parents."     Vicky & Brian






"Before being introduced to BM Hypnobirthing, I had never even heard
of this concept. This being my first baby, I was naturally quite
apprehensive and therefore willing to try anything to make it a
calmer, less painful experience.

My husband and I took the course and although quite sceptical in the
beginning, Beverley quickly convinced us that our baby's birth could be
as natural and as stress-free as we wanted it to be. We were always keen

that we should be in control and that is exactly what happened.

At 5.30pm on 1st June, we left our home and headed for the hospital
experiencing no pain whatsoever. I was not even entirely sure that I
was in labour! When we arrived at the hospital I was already 4cm
dilated and extremely calm. In fact, every single midwife commented on
my relaxed state the whole way through labour.

At 8pm I was brought to the delivery suite and thanks to the breathing
techniques Beverley had taught us, I coped without gas and air until
midnight. I gave birth to our son on Tuesday 2nd June at 8.27am. My
husband was an excellent birthing partner, reminding me to focus on my
breathing and the techniques we had practised during the classes.

I feel it was definitely worthwhile taking the Hypnobirthing classes
and I would certainly advise all parents-to-be to give them a go. We
found the course informative and my husband felt more involved in the
birth of our beautiful son. We definitely had a fantastic birthing
experience thanks to Beverley and her Hynobirthing classes."




A proud BM Hypnobirthing couple enjoying their new baby!

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