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Maternity Reflexology
During your pregnancy...

Your body naturally changes throughout pregnancy, physically, emotionally and psychologically. Reflexology through manipulation of the feet helps to cope with these many changes.
It is safe, relaxing and a very enjoyable treatment during pregnancy to promote natural healing powers within your body, making you feel relaxed, confident and feeling well throughout your pregnancy.   Reflexology soothes and balances the mind and body creating a calm relaxed environment for your baby to enjoy.  How you feel has an impact on your growing baby.
Benefits of Reflexology include:
* helps your body to adjust to hormonal changes.
* increases energy levels.
* helps to overcome nausea and heartburn.
* promotes relaxation improving mood and sleep.
* improves general wellbeing and blood circulation.
* helps with minor ailments of pregnancy, such as
backache, sciatica, swelling, hemorrhoids, constipation, cystitis.
* improves symphysis pubis and pelvic discomfort.
Reflexology can be used as build up to a natural form of induction. (weekly sessions recommended from 34 weeks pregnant). 
Reflexology Postnatally:
* aids a speedy recovery.
* time out for mum.
* promotes relaxation.
* Balances hormones.
* helps with baby blues and Postnatal depression.
* stimulates milk production for Breastfeeding mums.

60 mins pregnancy/postnatal reflexology session = £40.00
60 mins Natural induction reflexology session = £45.00
50 mins pregnancy hot stone reflexology session = £40.00
60 mins women's well-being reflexology session = £35.00
Fertility reflexology = 90 mins initial consultation  £60 - follow up appointments 60 mins= £40
60 mins - Maternity  aromatherapy fully body massage = £45

50 mins advanced facial reflexology session = £40.00
30 mins advanced Facial reflexology session = £25.00
85 mins combination of feet and facial reflexology session = £55.00
80 mins Zone Face Lift session using special tools = £65.00

To book please contact Beverley on 07747582221 or send a message.

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