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This programme is guided by an experienced midwife and is designed incorporating the 3 step rewind technique.  It is done according to the individuals personal needs as well as focusing on the persons individual traumatic experience and how this is having an impact on their life. In the programme a discussion will take place in confidence about what is going on in your life at present and how things have changed since experiencing your traumatic experience.  You will learn relaxation, tools and techniques to help you manage symptoms of trauma in a safe and secure environment.  


Often people can experience symptoms of trauma in relation to a previous pregnancy, birth or postnatally. These symptoms are unique to the individual and may include feelings of anxiety, depression, stress, overwhelm, unnecessary worries, flashbacks, fear, anger, frustration or a feeling of being out of control.


The Healing trauma programme will help you eliminate your individual feelings.  You will still remember the event but you will no longer have the emotional feelings and impact associated with the experience.

These feelings can take over your life and often are delayed or ignored for perhaps months or even years.


Does this programme sound like something you may benefit from.  If so get in touch with Beverley on 07747582221 to arrange your individualised programme today. 

Complete programme done over 2/3 sessions:  Investment £120



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