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About Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing has been around for years.


Dr Grantly Dick-Read was known in the 1920’s and 1930’s as ‘The father of natural childbirth’, author of the book Childbirth without fear. He believed in the philosophy that there was a connection between fear and pain in childbirth. It was the birth of one particular woman who refused chloroform and birthed her baby with ease who inspired Dr Dick-Read. The woman stated afterwards ‘It didn’t hurt. It wasn’t meant to, was it, doctor?’ He observed many women for countless years in the Eastend slums of London, particularly when women refused chloroform to help with pain relief.  The women who were able to birth easily were more aware of their birthing body and more focused (hypnotic) on birthing their baby. 


Doctor Grantly Dick-Read really believed that hypnosis was the way forward, suggesting that all women were capable of going into a hypnotic state at different levels. He believed that this can be achieved with good birth preparation and education about the birthing body, the process of birth, along with relaxation and mobility, thus reducing pain and promoting calm, confidence and control.  


More recently Marie Mongan an American Hypnotherapist author of ‘Hypnobirthing’ developed a teaching program and other practitioners in the UK have developed many similar programs. 

Hypnobirthing is becoming more and more popular to help women to have a positive, calm, gentle birth experience, that women and their partners really want. Hypnobirthing is suitable for all pregnant women, it is not just for first time mums to be. It can be very beneficial for those who have had a previous challenging experience of birth.  It is also suitable for those preparing to have a vaginal birth after c-section. 




Northern Ireland Hypnobirthing
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